Google Classroom Codes

Google Classroom Codes are all lowercase letters/numbers, with no spaces.

Students/families should go to:  and click the + sign at top right to Join the Class.

Contact teachers for specific meeting passwords

Teacher Google Classroom Code Zoom link & pw  (if using)
M. Bellamy fftixfa 833 0046 9474   pw: (Contact Teacher)
M. Bustos vbr34yr --
G. Lyons 2nl5wan 770 062 7272  pw: (Contact Teacher)
A. Sanchez ciiqsf4 For Reading Intervention, Special Ed, OT/SLP Only (Contact Teacher)
M. Sanchez 2z23u2e --
J. Gonzalez (Garden) 3bhjxg6 --
A. Cruz (Art)
H. Douglas (SEL/SW) y2kasbw